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    Our Chicago medical malpractice lawyers won the then-largest trial verdict in Illinois history totaling $18.6 million for a lawsuit involving cerebral palsy.



    Our birth injury lawyers have obtained over $27 million for families that have suffered injuries as a result of medical malpractice or hospital negligence during birth



    Our Chicago auto accident lawyers have helped families successfully recover over $30 million in lawsuits involving auto and motorcycle accidents in Illinois. 



    Our wrongful death attorneys in Illinois have obtained over $40 million in trial verdicts and settlements in lawsuits on behalf of families for wrongful death.



    Our Chicago truck accident attorneys won an $11 million personal injury trial verdict in a wrongful death lawsuit for the family of a boy killed by a truck. 



    Our Chicago personal injury lawyers focus on many other types of cases as well, such as elderly abuse, motorcycle accidents, bus accidents and other catastrophic injuries.

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    Free legal advice with a committed Chicago Birth Injury Lawyer

    Complications that occur in pregnancy or during labor and delivery are referred to as “birth injuries.” Birth complications and injuries may change the life of a family forever.  Our Chicago birth injury lawyers and staff have years of experience providing compassionate and skilled representation to families affected by birth injuries caused by medical malpractice or other medical mistakes. 


    Approximately three in every 100 births have a serious complication.  Causes of birth injuries and birth trauma are varied, but some of the most common are:

    • Delay in ordering a cesarean section
    • Failure to respond to bleeding
    • Failure to respond to umbilical cord entrapment
    • Failure to respond to fetal distress
    • Misuse of vacuum extractors or forceps
    • Poor care of newborn immediately following birth
    • Miscommunication between doctors and nurses

    Birth injuries cause devastating effects on each member of the family.  Many birth injuries are life long and require the family to take special care and make special provisions for their child.  This type of care is very expensive and time consuming and puts emotional and financial stress on the entire family. Contact our birth injury lawyers in Chicago today for free legal advice. Our personal injury lawyers have won over $100 million for injury victims throughout Illinois and are willing and able to help your family. 


    While cerebral palsy is one of the most significant types of birth injuries, others that occur due to medical malpractice are:

    Since birth injury cases are vigorously defended by hospitals, doctors, nurses and their insurance companies, it is critical for you to hire an experienced birth injury lawyer.  The attorneys at Baizer Kolar & Lewis, P.C. have the success record and experience to help you and your family when you need it most.

    Our birth injury lawyers and personal injury law firm in Chicago have won over $100 million for injury victims throughout the state. We are ready and able to provide you with the resources you need to fight back against medical malpractice or a doctor's mistake that caused your newborn to suffer an injury.

    CALL (312) 999-0361 for free legal advice from a dedicated Chicago birth injury lawyer

    If your baby suffered complications at birth, take action now and contact the Illinois birth injury attorneys at Baizer, Kolar & Lewis P.C. for free legal advice to evaluate your case right away.  Baizer, Kolar & Lewis P.C.’s experienced attorneys are skilled at evaluating, litigating and winning complex and tragic birth injury cases in the state of Illinois.