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    Our Chicago medical malpractice lawyers won the then-largest trial verdict in Illinois history totaling $18.6 million for a lawsuit involving cerebral palsy.



    Our birth injury lawyers have obtained over $27 million for families that have suffered injuries as a result of medical malpractice or hospital negligence during birth



    Our Chicago auto accident lawyers have helped families successfully recover over $30 million in lawsuits involving auto and motorcycle accidents in Illinois. 



    Our wrongful death attorneys in Illinois have obtained over $40 million in trial verdicts and settlements in lawsuits on behalf of families for wrongful death.



    Our Chicago truck accident attorneys won an $11 million personal injury trial verdict in a wrongful death lawsuit for the family of a boy killed by a truck. 



    Our Chicago personal injury lawyers focus on many other types of cases as well, such as elderly abuse, motorcycle accidents, bus accidents and other catastrophic injuries.

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    Each year in Illinois there are about 5,500 non-fatal truck accidents, and close to 200 fatal ones. (Source: the Center for National Truck and Bus Statistics). In fact, one of every eight traffic fatalities involves a semi truck. Not surprisingly, most deaths that occur in these accidents are the passengers of the automobiles.  When a person is hurt in a truck accident, it is important to consult with an experienced Illinois truck accident attorney right away to determine your rights and protect your interests.

    Illinois Law and Truck Driver Responsibility
    Truck and bus litigation involves claims against negligent truck and bus drivers as well as the companies who hire them. Under Illinois Law, a driver of a truck or bus is considered to have an even greater standard of care than other drivers because of the injuries that their large vehicles usually cause. Collisions caused by a truck and bus driver negligence can lead to the most catastrophic injuries on the road.

    In general, truck and bus negligence falls into two categories: driver error and vehicle maintenance failure. The most common cause of driver error is fatigue, which can cause clouded judgment, drowsiness, and falling asleep at the wheel. Driver error can also be due to inexperience, improper driver training and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (whether prescription or illegal).

    Where the reckless or negligent conduct of another person or company causes a truck accident, it may be possible to recover compensation.  A skilled Illinois accident law firm can investigate all the factors behind an accident and work to ensure you receive all the compensation you are entitled to.  

    Truck and Bus Accident Causes
    Other common causes of truck and bus accidents include:

    • Overloaded trucks;
    • Oversized trucks; 
    • Driving in conditions of poor visibility due to fog, snow, or rain;
    • Truck or bus driver inexperience;
    • Speeding;
    • Failure to yield the right of way; and
    • Aggressive driving behavior         

    Truck and Bus Companies Work to Avoid Lawsuits
    Because truck and bus companies, and the insurance companies that represent them, realize the likelihood of major lawsuits when their vehicles are involved in a collision, they quickly gather evidence and experts to start preparing their case. Within a few hours those companies are already at work on your case, building a case against you before you ever speak with an attorney, much less have an investigation started on your behalf against the negligent truck or bus driver.

    As a result, it is important to contact a top Illinois truck accident attorney immediately to get to work for you. 

    Truck Accident Injuries
    Survivors of collisions with tractor-trailer trucks and buses often require a lifetime of care due to traumatic injuries.  Truck accident injuries include, but are not limited to:

    • traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
    • head and neck injury
    • paralysis
    • spinal cord injury
    • back injury
    • broken bones 
    • loss of limbs

    In addition to physical injuries, other damages from truck accidents include lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of normal life, and medical expenses.

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    If you or someone you know has been injured in a truck or bus collision, it is imperative that you speak with lawyers who are experienced at investigating, litigating and winning complex truck and bus crash cases. The attorneys at Baizer Kolar & Lewis P.C. have that experience and will vigorously protect your interests. We will fight the insurance companies to get you the most you deserve.

    Contact an experienced Chicago truck accident lawyer at Baizer Kolar & Lewis P.C. for free consultation to discuss your truck or bus injury-related case.