Medical Malpractice lawsuits are limited in some cases. One such cases involves times when Medicare refuses to pay for claims involving malpractice, such as instruments being left inside patients or infections contracted by patients while in the hospital. Shocking, isn’t it?

Legislation was passed on Tuesday, April 14 by the Senate and the House of Representatives which basically allows lawsuits to continue in the above instances, and others in “any medical malpractice, or medical product liability action or claim.” The law is being nick-named the “doc-fix” — actually called H.R. 2 — and avoids pay cuts for medical practitioners who treat Medicare patients. In other words, it is a deterrent for (lack of a better term) slacking off.

Case Results - Baizer, Kolar & Lewis Accident Lawyers in ChicagoNormally these slackers would choose Medicare patients over others because they know they could avoid costly medical malpractice lawsuits. But not anymore! The legislation is expected to be signed by President Obama in the near future, solidifying a much higher level of protection for Medicare patients.

Thousands of American citizens who would have previously been left high and dry after suffering from the careless hands of a medical malpractice incident while insured by Medicare can now rest easier. The chair of the Rockville, Maryland-based PIAA board of directors, Gloria H. Everett says the law is a “tremendous victory for health care professionals and patients alike. This legislation… is a clear step in the right direction.”

Although the medical profession would like to agree with Mss. Everett, there may be some doctors who will now be forced to use a higher level of caution in the operating room. Doctors must be very careful when weighing the lives of their patients, and this legislation will only help them consider all patients with equality.

Are you or a loved one currently covered by Medicare? Know your rights and be aware that medical malpractice is illegal in all cases, and that compensation can be sought for expenses and losses. Lives are changed forever when medical professionals commit careless mistakes, and the patient is often left helpless. But with the right assistance, these victims can get back on their feet and once again live life as it should be lived.

The attorneys at Baizer, Kolar and Lewis are just the type of assistance victims are encouraged to seek during such hardships. Contact us now for a free consultation, and remember; you and your loved ones have the right to be happy and healthy. Do not let a doctor or large medical practice keep that happiness and health from you.