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medical malpractice lawyers chicagoPatients trust doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals to provide high levels of care to us and our loved ones. If something goes wrong, these practitioners need to be held accountable for errors and mistakes.

The team at Baizer Kolar Neiman P.C. has years of experience representing victims of medical malpractice, and our highly regarded lawyers can help you to overcome the obstacles in your path to secure full compensation for your pain and suffering.


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Common Medical Malpractice Claims

What Is Medical Malpractice or Medical Negligence?

For a case to be considered medical malpractice, the following three characteristics must apply:

The standard of care was violated
The law recognizes health care professionals must adhere to certain medical standards at all times and in all circumstances (this is often referred to as the “standard of care”). As a patient, you have the right to expect that the standard of care will always be provided; if this was not the case, medical malpractice may have occurred.

Medical negligence caused an injury
The next aspect of medical malpractice is that an injury must have occurred as a result of the failure to provide an adequate standard of care. As a patient, you must then prove that your injury would not have occurred if the negligence did not occur.

The injury caused significant damages
Prosecuting medical malpractice cases can be expensive and time consuming, and as a result it is not always reasonable to go ahead if the damages are small. For the case to be viable, you must show that significant damages occurred as a direct result of the injury. This might include loss of wages, pain and suffering, disability and/or current and future medical bills.

How Can Our Law Firm Help You With Your Malpractice Claim?

Medical malpractice cases can be very challenging, but the team at Baizer Kolar Neiman P.C. is dedicated to preparing evidence and securing expert testimony in order to ensure that you get the result that you deserve.

We know that you are likely to face exorbitant hospital fees and the loss of income due to disability, and we have experience demonstrating this loss and damage to the court. Proving a medical malpractice cause requires skill, experience and knowledge, and the lawyers at Baizer Kolar Neiman P.C. will go above and beyond for you.

What Should You Do If You Believe You Are a Victim of Medical Negligence?

One of the most important things that you can do is to begin documenting every aspect of your poor health and wellbeing. Record all of the factors and events that lead to you seeking treatment in the first place; continue to document all phases of your medical treatment that followed. This includes keeping all paperwork, medical charts, receipts, noting down all phone conversations and taking photos (if applicable).

You will also need to seek the second opinion of a trusted doctor (or other appropriate medical specialist) who can confirm all of your medical ailments and injuries. Finally, it is very important that you seek the advice and services of a trusted and skilled medical malpractice lawyer. They will be able to advise you about the requirements of your specific case and help you to ensure that you are on track for the settlement that you deserve.

What do I need to prove in order to receive compensation for my medical malpractice claim?

Working with your medical malpractice attorney, you will be required to provide testimony and evidence that proves that your healthcare provider was responsible for a negative outcome. You must be able to show that you and the healthcare provider had a necessary relationship, and that the provider owed you a duty of care.
Next, there must also be proof that your medical practitioner did not provide you with appropriate care and acted in a negligent way. Finally, you must show that you sustained injuries, and that these injuries were caused by the improper care.

Further Medical Malpractice Resources

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Malpractice Case Results

The team at Baizer Kolar Neiman P.C. have won many large settlements for their clients in medical malpractice cases. Our results speak for themselves:

Birth Injury Verdict – $29.8 MILLION
Case Results – Baizer, Kolar & Lewis Accident Lawyers in ChicagoIn December 2013 the Chicago medical malpractice lawyers at Baizer Kolar P.C. won a $29.8 million dollar verdict in federal court in southern Illinois. The case involved a delayed delivery of a newborn resulting in cerebral palsy.

Surgical Error – $19.4 MILLION
The Chicago personal injury lawyers at Baizer Kolar P.C. won a $19.4 million in a medical malpractice case involving a surgical error made by a doctor. As the result of the medical mistake, the victim suffered from a permanent brain injury.

Birth Injury Verdict – $18.6 MILLION
The medical malpractice lawyers at Baizer Kolar P.C. won an $18.6 million verdict for a boy who developed cerebral palsy as a result of a doctor failing to perform a timely cesarean section despite signs the infant was in distress during delivery.

Medical Malpractice Settlement – $11.25 MILLION
The medical malpractice attorneys at Baizer Kolar P.C. in Chicago won an $11.25 million settlement for a child who suffered cerebral palsy after a delay in delivery as a result of medical malpractice and a hospital error.

Medical Malpractice Settlement – $7 MILLION
The brain injury lawyers at Baizer Kolar P.C. in Chicago won a $7 million settlement for a newborn who suffered a fluid overdose resulting in developmental delays.

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